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Media Team Solutions  stands out as a top-tier end-to-end solution provider in the Virtual Production domain. With a proven track record, we've delivered operational studios for diverse clients. Partnering with global players and OEMs, we offer tailored solutions, covering planning, installation, commissioning, training and content creation support. Elevate your virtual production experience with us, where innovation meets excellence.

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In-Camera VFX (ICVFX)

In-Camera VFX is an exciting new methodology for shooting real-time visual effects during a live action film shoot. This technique relies on a mixture of LED lighting, live camera tracking, and real-time rendering with off-axis projection to create a seamless integration between foreground actors and visual backgrounds. Its primary goal is to remove the need for green screen compositing to produce final pixel results in camera.
Enhance Artistic Versatility

Game engines and in-camera VFX empower your art team to dynamically modify the scene showcased on the LED wall in real-time. Backgrounds and settings can be easily adjusted to precisely match the director's specifications.

Endless Location Possibilities

Gone are the days of set locations constrained by time, budget, permits, or reality. Filming against a virtual world backdrop expands location options solely based on the creator's imagination.

Enhanced Realism

Authentic lighting and reflections on actors' faces adapt to changes in LED wall lighting, crucial for filming reflective surfaces. This eliminates the difficulty, time, and expense of creating reflections in post-production.

Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality (XR) is the combination of Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality. It is a technology where the virtual environment is extended beyond the LED volume creating a fully immersive experience. The integration of camera tracking and dynamic rendering enables a seamless blend of talent into computer-generated worlds powered by real-time generative software like Notch or Unreal Engine, eliminating the constraints of green screens and keying. With XR, users immerse themselves in environments where the virtual backdrop moves in sync with the camera's perspective, providing an unparalleled experience that transcends traditional visual boundaries.
Extend Beyond Reality

XR Studio extends content beyond LED boundaries for a 360-degree immersive experience, enabling more dynamic and artistic camera movements, and ultimately enhancing the overall creative outcome.

No more Green spills & Keying

XR Studio eliminates green screens and keying challenges, using actual environment lights to illuminate talent, simplifying production and enhancing visual quality.

Get more from your Talent

LED walls eliminates acting challenges, allowing actors to engage with the environment organically. This results in more authentic and compelling expressions, enabling outstanding performances in fewer takes.

Virtual Studio (VS)

Transform your production with virtual studios, harnessing cutting-edge technology to take full control of your filming environment through the use of a green screen. With virtual studio, the possibilities are limitless, providing producers with the flexibility to tailor environments to exact specifications. Unlock the potential to build captivating scenes that align perfectly with your creative vision. With the latest keying techniques, you can enjoy a streamlined experience, eliminating the complexities of traditional methods.
Effortless and quick Solution

The Virtual Studio set offers a swift and hassle-free alternative to traditional physical studios by replacing intricate hard sets with a green screen, streamlining the setup process for efficiency and affordability, while delivering a more dynamic outcome.

Dynamic Set Flexibility

Producers can tailor their studio set theme or select from pre-built digital sets. The flexibility extends to changing the virtual studio background to align with the show's agenda, offering dynamic adaptability during broadcasts.

Diverse camera perspectives

Captured from varied angles and perspectives, virtual studio sets offer an immersive experience. Multiple cameras capture diverse viewpoints, enhancing viewer engagement with dynamic and immersive visual content.