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The demand for novel audio and video solutions has never been of such significance in the defense sector than the present times. With high quality, low latency, sterling audio and video solutions, our team provides best-in-class surveillance and security solutions. Our assistance helps our clients with better decision making, improved results, minimized damage and better operation. Our deployed arrangements provide reliable and paramount services in the toughest terrain and onerous environment. We provide comprehensive ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) services for terrestrial and aerial environments including manned and unmanned systems.

To transcend in every mission on land, in air and at sea we provide you with high quality reliable solutions suitable for the toughest environments. We ensure uninterrupted relay of audio and video information is maintained aiding your critical processing and decision making. To guarantee this we integrate our services to avail you the best in class test beds, launch pads, command and control rooms. Our Audio Video transmission solutions include dedicated IPTV service with low latency delivery for mission critical applications. We also have solutions for Wide area monitoring linked with dedicated or mobile control rooms.

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Haivision Expands its presence in India through Media Team Solutions..!

Mediateam has signed up partnership agreement with Haivision, who is originally developed the SRT Protocol and pioneer in low latency video streaming solutions.

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