Announcing a Transformative Partnership: Media Team Solutions India Pvt Ltd and 360 Systems

21 June 2024 11:06:50 AM

    Media Team Solutions is excited to announce our partnership with 360 Systems, a globally recognized leader in professional broadcast video servers and audio record/playout equipment. This collaboration brings together 360 Systems' extensive expertise in high-definition digital video servers, time delay servers, commercial playback systems, and digital audio solutions, with Media Team Solutions' commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. The TSS line from 360 Systems, renowned for its versatile, high-quality video servers supporting multiple formats and HD/SD options, perfectly complements Media Team Solutions' focus on enhancing media management solutions. This partnership promises our clients an unparalleled blend of excellence and cost-efficiency.

    360 Systems' focus is on new technology for the broadcast, entertainment and pro-AV industries.  The mission of 360 Systems is to deliver high-value broadcast & AV products that have significantly greater capabilities at much lower costs.  360 Systems designs and manufactures innovative video and audio products at its headquarters in Newbury Park, California just north of Los Angeles.  The company is a privately held California corporation.  360 Systems is celebrating its 51st year of business!

TSS Video Server Series 

360 Systems manufactures the most reliable, dependable and the lowest cost Linux® OS servers on the market today.  The new TSS line is the next generation server using standard codec and file formats which now include H.264 or MPEG-2.  The complete TSS Server Series has multiple channel counts and a variety of new features.

The flagship model TSS 4400 puts 4 independent bi-directional (record or playout) channels all in a small 1U form factor with upgradable storage up to 16TB.  Records in a variety of file formats for easy transfer for editing or archiving as well as capturing closed caption data and other ancillary data. With high channels counts in a small 1U chassis, the TSS-4400 is an affordable choice

Delay Servers

The latest addition to 360 systems ever growing video delay server solutions is the new TSS-2470II DualZone Variable Time Delay can alter the delay time on-the-fly, handling simple time zone shifting, “mountain minute” style commercial insertion or disaster recovery operations.  4 Delay Presets and traditional jog/shuttle allow you to play any portion of the delayed program from 30 seconds to a day or more.

Expanding the single channel ingest Variable Time Delay “TSS-2470II” to include an additional output channel, not only extends the ability of a single server but increases the usefulness such as review previously broadcasted material for quality assurance.


360 Systems’ DigiCart 5 advanced audio system continues a 30-year history as a first-choice for audio spots in broadcasting. DigiCart 5 Networkable Recorder/Player Model DC-5000 is designed with production environments in mind, the DigiCart 5 provides easy access to audio clips. Hot-Key clip playout from the front panel, GPI triggersl. 50GB of internal solid-state storage and support for .wav and .mp3 audio clips.  Provides line-level analog I/O on XLR, digital AES/EBU I/O on XLR, and AES-75 type 2 I/O on BNC.  Six GPIO for remote or automated control.  Transfer content from USB memory devices, FTP or network file sharing. The redesigned front panel and simple touch screen configuration in the DigiCart 5 provides ease of setup and operation.

            Our partnership with 360 Systems marks the beginning of an exciting journey to set new industry benchmarks and empower our clients with state-of-the-art media solutions that drive success and excellence. Our shared vision is to revolutionize the media industry, and we are confident that this partnership will bring us closer to achieving that inspiring goal.

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