In 2021, go live streaming! New year, new projects! 

23-01-2021 8:22:52 AM Comment(s)

New year, new projects! In 2021 join the live streaming revolution by creating powerful and interactive content for your audience. Use's all-in-one live streaming production studio (100% Cloud based) to customize your live show and enjoy professional rendering with high quality broadcasting.

To ensure a smooth digital transition:

Keep in touch with your community creating a unique & professional live content online!

The whole team helps you out by giving you remote solutions to stand out from the crowd and to maintain your activity easily, without any risks

Using our studio, create your own digital talk show with remote guests, conduct your interviews or press conferences online, comment and broadcast your sports and esports tournaments, play with your community (Live Quizz, Q&A), perform live in concert, share your best backstage exclusives... and much more!


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